Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Observations on Times
Past Present & Future

by Teresa Ann Papac

12.12.2007 Jupiter aligns with PLuto
in Sagittarius on the Galactic Center

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


This will clear your mind real fast -
and remind you of things you know -

This text was published in 1906 by W.W. Atkinson:


Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Soul's Stimulus Towards It's Destiny ~~~

One can see the past, present, and future through the magnificent, ancient knowledge of astrology.

Many astrologers are convinced of the concept of past lives and because of this notion, one may procure the idea that if a soul can see it's past, acknowledge it's present, and presume to know it's future ... That, maybe perhaps, the entire Universes and it's life forms are "pre-destined" or pre formed from the beginning ~~ whatever the 'beginning' means...

Of course there is 'free will'..... We are not all just a bunch of 'pre-programmed' robots; of course not ! What exactly is free will, though? Is it simply our soul's own course of action; a
force of navigation that directs itself, with hopefully using the uttermost, educated, and supreme form of judicious decision making?

Do we obtain this kind of "soul guidance," so to speak, through attending the most prestigious schools, touring the world, attending seminary, or reading every masterpiece ever written?

Or, is 'soul guidance' there from the beginning..... In our DNA..... As "they" say ?

I, for one, never thought going to an 'ivy league' college would make me a better soul..... Than attending a much less prestigious one !

WHY would we have 'geniuses' and 'very successful entrepreneurs,' for example, who slipped onto the world stage from seemingly nowhere, and often from very underprivileged backgrounds?

After all, didn't 'God' give us this information in the perfect example of a trans-human soul; Jesus, the Christ? As most know, Jesus, came from the most humble of backgrounds..... And grew to be the wisest and most powerful trans-human of all time.

*[Note: Some other astrologers, who are 'in the know', believe that The Christ was from Sirius... And his name was Jmmanuel; a Pisces, born of a Virgo mother in 5 BC under the PLuto-Uranus oppositon in degrees Pisces 9 - Virgo 9..... Which, we will have again in 2048; as discussed in St.Clair's book _The Zen of Stars_ drawn from 'Billy Meier and his contact reports of the Plejarans.]

Maybe there' s a profound reason not many astrologers have access to the true natal chart of "the king!" (In my view he is the 'king of kings' ! --In my view, NO ONE will ever surpass HIM ). HE IS THE MASTER OF THE DNA ! Some, before him, and many after him have come close though....... Which confirms that WE ALL have the capability to access our POWER !

It's there for all...... To tap into. The interesting aspect of this will be, in the coming years of the future leading into 2012..... All the discoveries made along the way of our soul's journey into the realms of decoding the hidden properties of the human DNA.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

St.Clair & Remote Viewer EXCLUSIVE

In a profound Pisces full moon conversation, opening passages of surreal perceptions rather than forming finite conclusions, renown Swiss cosmologist Michael St.Clair - author of the book Zen of Stars and enthusiast of amazing crop circles, time portals, mirages and mysterious occurences in the invisible world - talks to astrologer Teresa Ann Papac about the future of astrology, extra-terrestrial life, ancient gods, luminescent beings of light, the layered worlds we inhabit, and the hidden landscape of the mind.

Spell-binding... Brace yourself for a rare moment!

Non-classical suggestions offered by St.Clair create a fascinating adventure anchoring a different conception of multiple realities and the plausible origins of mankind -- more likely extra-terrestrial than made in "His image." This unusual interview - a Saturn-Neptune opposition product - makes altered mind states the norm, rather than the oddity. In it, the inspired Piscean astrologers discuss esoteric teachings, time travel, Krishnamurti - and The Morning of The Magicians dawns...


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"Time is an illusion.
The moment you stop thought
time too stops."
- St.Clair

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